ICT kids


Cyber ​​code for kids

I ______________ mom, dad or tutor of __________________ I promise to follow the following cyber code:
  1. I will note that what’s not right in real life is not right on the internet.
  2. I will treat my internet friends the same way as my school friends and I will not allow things that I do not allow the real ones
  3. I will think about the information that I will share in my posts. I will not report information to strangers on the net. If someone asks me for personal information online, I will leave the conversation with that person
  4. I keep in mind that talking to a stranger on the Internet does not make him known. I won’t hang out with anyone I’ve met on the internet unless I’m accompanied by an adult.
  5. When choosing my “nickname” I will not use my real name. I will choose a “nickname” that does not attract the attention wrongly towards me.
  6. I will trust my instinct or common sense. If anything makes me uncomfortable, I’ll leave this conversation. I will either ignore this person or block his contact.
  7. I will not remain indifferent to a stalker on the net. If I find that someone is harassing myself, I will tell my parents, a teacher or an adult what I trust.
  8. I will save the chat conversations as it can be helpful in case of any issues.
  9. I will share with my parents what I learn on the internet, the sites I visit and the tools I use.
  10. The best internet filter my parents can provide is the education they have given me, which allows me to have a say in what I can and should not see on the net.