Did you ever wonder where is Google? Your photos on Google+. Your Drive docs or how and where do your documents travel to those places.

So... How are these places?

Roger Harris, Hardware Operations-googledatacenter

Oklahoma Google Datacenter. The technician Roger Harris Hardware Operations taking care of the servers where our documents and pictures are stored.

Iowa USA. 10,000sqm full of Google servers. There are 12 more centers scattered throughout the world. Google's data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, covers 115,000 square feet

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What hardware interconnects these huge fiber optic highways?

ams-ix-brocade brocade-mlxe-32Huge Brocade MLX routers, Cisco and others. with connections 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb with hundreds of fiber optic links connected to them. There are days when these systems manage about 4 terabits / second.

network_big-ams-ix-routersPhysical diagram of AMS-IX. One of the Internet interconnection centers that are in Amsterdam. Through which, Each time you use Internet, your information circulates more often than you think over there. Each square is one of these giant routers.